Orienteering Club Sokol Pezinok

Orienteering Club Sokol Pezinok, civic association, is a sports club uniting the youth and adults who are actively involved in sports – orienteering.

It was founded in 1951, which ranks the Club among the oldest ones in Slovakia. At present it has 107 members, about half of whom are young people and children under 18 years of age. This sport is very popular in Pezinok. Every year more than 100 children from primary schools in Pezinok and the surrounding municipalities take part in the Pezinok Orienteering School League organized by us. Our Club has brought up several Slovak representatives in this sport, the most famous being Branislav Iro (a 2006 School World Championships gold medal) and Matej Kopčík (a 2012 School World Championships gold medal).

orientačný beh klub sokol pezinok

The most recent international achievement was the success of the school team of the Kupeckého Pezinok Primary School, which ended up in 12th place at the 2015 World School Championships in Turkey. Also this season, our Club leads 2 orienteering courses, which are attended by a total of over 40 children – so we have the largest youth base in Slovakia. Our major disadvantage is that orienteering is almost unknown in Slovakia, although the situation is completely different beyond the Morava River, not to mention the Scandinavian countries.



Currently, the timing technology for our training is being digitised, it means that we have bought software and a tablet, with which we control the registration and time of the young athletes electronically. The result of our activity is, for example, the development of not only orienteering, but sports in general, in primary schools. For more than 10 years now, we have been organizing the Pezinok Orienteering School League for primary schools and secondary grammar schools, which has raised a considerable interest.

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Orienteering Club Sokol Pezinok