What we offer?

Data migration and cleansing are often difficult tasks that command respect. Thanks to our own solution called GD-Connect, we are not afraid even of such a task.

We help with large IT projects

“GD-Connect is a tool developed by us that uses MS SQL server and exports from SAP systems. Data mapping then proceeds completely outside the SAP solution, which can remain fully functional during the migration. The output is then imported into your IT system.

A typical example of using GD-Connect and its features is, for example, necessary identification of correct data or address cleansing. The advantages of this solution are operative evaluation of coexistences, correction of data formats and speed of validation. GD-Connect can migrate over a million records in a single weekend.

With this tool, it can fulfil a variety of requirements, regardless of data size or type. We also welcome cross-border cooperation in the form of nearshoring.”

Do you need more details or would you like to discuss your issue directly? Do not hesitate to contact us.

There is no need to worry about data migration anymore. With our experience and tools, we will significantly facilitate this process.


remote help
We are ready to provide you with the necessary help and support remotely whenever you need it. Thanks to the ideal location in the heart of Europe, we can, if necessary, be within hours of your request personally in your company.
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Data migration and cleansing