remote help
We are ready to provide you with the necessary help and support remotely whenever you need it. Thanks to the ideal location in the heart of Europe, we can, if necessary, be within hours of your request personally in your company.

What we offer?

As a company operating in an international environment, we mainly benefit from our ideal geographical location. Slovakia is at the heart of Europe and at the same time is a part of the European Union.

We help with large IT projects

A great advantage is also low language barriers. The language proficiency in which we pride ourselves allows us to communicate with our partners without any problems, whether they are looking for support in English or German. Thanks to minor cultural differences and great experience, our employees understand the problems of our partners well.

We are able to provide support for all our services as part of nearshoring and our employees are available remotely whenever our partners need it. If it is necessary to solve the problem directly on the spot, our availability within Europe is possible by air within 2 hours.



Do you need more details or would you like to discuss your issue directly? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Every customer is unique as well as their requirements. We are happy to listen to the customer in detail and a team of our consultants and developers can then design customised solutions.

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Nearshoring remote assistance